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BEAST: Your Lifeline in Critical Moments

When every second counts, there is no second chance in a medical emergency. 

Join us now and prioritize your well-being!


What is BEAST?

BEAST is a 2 wheeler mobile application-based system that can provide On- site ICU like medical services, during any medical emergency, be it, at home, office or on road.

BEAST uses advanced technology to reach  fast,diagnose fast,treat fast & stabilise fast & subsequently shift the patient to the most appropriate nearby hospital of the patients choice, by means of conventional ambulance, thereby using every second of the Golden Hour, in the most effective manner, thereby saving precious lives.


Reach Fast, Diagnose Fast, Treat Fast, And Stabilize Fast

The primary purpose of BEAST is to swiftly reach the caller's location, fully equipped to provide expert, closely monitored medical care. Our aim is to stabilize the patient's medical condition, creating a conducive environment for safe evacuation to the hospital for further management.

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The Crucial Golden Hour

In medical emergencies, the "Golden Hour" is vital. Yet, delays often result from home chaos, searching for hospital info, and traffic navigation.


Brookefield Hospital's "BEAST" initiative, blending Man, Machine, Tech, Equipment, and Medicines, maximizes the Golden Hour, boosting survival chances.

Why Choose BEAST?

Highly skilled nursing duo, portable MICU.

Mobile medical scooter with essentials.

Technology support - BEAST App

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Vital medical equipment and medicines.

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Testimonials Praise BEAST's Lifesaving Impact.

BEAST's rapid response team, equipped with life-saving medical gear, made all the difference. Their timely arrival with essential medicines and equipment saved my loved one's life.

Siddartha P

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