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Unleashing the Power of Time in Medical Emergencies

There is no second chance when every second matters.

Call BEAST!!

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Our Mission

Save precious lives within
the golden hour.

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Our Vision

Become the first responder program nation wide.


Brookefield Emergency Accident Support Team

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Is a pioneering initiative designed to revolutionize the response to medical emergencies. In the realm of healthcare, the critical importance of time has long been acknowledged, especially within the "Golden Hour," where swift intervention can make the difference between life and death. BEAST SOS is meticulously crafted to optimize this invaluable window of opportunity.

Comprising a highly skilled team of professionals, cutting-edge machinery, advanced technology, vital medical equipment, and life-saving medicines, BEAST SOS transforms the way emergency medical care is delivered.

When activated, this dynamic team swiftly arrives at the patient's location, equipped to provide expert, monitored medical attention. The team's goal is to stabilize the patient's medical condition and ensure safe evacuation to the hospital, overcoming all inherent obstacles in the process.

BEAST SOS is a beacon of hope, increasing survival rates by making every moment count during medical crises. It embodies the commitment to saving lives and reducing the impact of delays and chaos often associated with emergencies, ultimately prioritizing the value of time when it matters most.


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Patient Centric Solution




Our proficient nursing team, consisting of two highly skilled and experienced professionals, excels in managing complex medical situations. They are adept at establishing a miniature yet fully functional Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MINI MICU) within a patient's residence. This capability includes essential medical equipment and advanced monitoring systems to deliver critical care where it's needed most.


Beyond their technical expertise, these nurses provide compassionate support to patients and families during challenging times. Their innovative approach ensures patients receive prompt, top-quality care within the comfort of their homes, enhancing the prospects of a positive outcome in adverse medical situations.


Our custom-designed two-wheeler scooter is engineered for effortless maneuverability and equipped to serve as a mobile medical unit. It boasts the ability to securely house an oxygen cylinder, essential medical equipment, life-saving medicines, and the attire required for our medical staff. This innovative solution ensures swift and efficient response during medical emergencies.


The scooter's agility allows it to navigate through congested traffic and reach patients promptly, while its integrated medical resources enable our skilled staff to provide immediate care. It represents a vital link in our commitment to delivering timely and comprehensive medical assistance to those in need, optimizing the chances of a positive outcome in critical situations.

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During patient registration, vital information about their address and health condition is collected. The hospital provides a magnetic sticker inscribed with a dedicated emergency number and a unique four-digit identity code. These details are prominently displayed on the patient's refrigerator and saved as an "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) contact on their phone. Dialing the emergency number simultaneously alerts four individuals: the "BEAST" team leader and three Emergency Response Team members.

The "BEAST" team uses the BEAST App for instant access to the patient's complete medical history and treatment details. GPS guides them to the patient's location. Remarkably, the team aims to depart the hospital within 30 seconds of receiving a call. Hospital medical experts anticipate potential emergencies and activate ERT members to receive the patient at the emergency/casualty department, ensuring swift and coordinated care.


Our comprehensive medical equipment arsenal includes essential life-saving tools such as an Intubation Kit, Oxygen cylinder with accessories, Defibrillator, Portable Ventilator, Infusion Pump, and a host of other indispensable medical instruments.


These instruments are meticulously chosen and maintained to meet the demanding needs of emergency medical care. They enable our skilled healthcare professionals to provide immediate, critical interventions when time is of the essence. These essential tools ensure that our patients receive the highest standard of care, even in the most challenging medical situations, enhancing their chances of a positive outcome during emergencies.



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Our emergency medicine supply is meticulously curated to address a wide range of critical medical situations. It includes a comprehensive array of life-saving medications and treatments. These medicines are specifically chosen to rapidly stabilize patients, alleviate pain, and support vital functions during emergencies.


Our medical professionals are well-equipped to administer these medications promptly, ensuring that patients receive the most effective care possible. This robust collection of emergency medicines plays a pivotal role in enhancing the chances of survival and positive outcomes for patients in urgent medical crises, underlining our commitment to delivering top-tier emergency healthcare.

Empowering BEAST: The Vital Role of Technology


Technology is instrumental in the BEAST initiative, streamlining rapid response.


The BEAST App provides immediate access to patient history and coordinates GPS navigation. Additionally, dedicated emergency numbers alert team members simultaneously. These tech-driven tools ensure swift, efficient, and well-informed response, optimizing the Golden Hour in critical medical situations.



Maximizing the Golden Hour for Lifesaving Care

In the realm of medical emergencies, time has always been of paramount importance. Healthcare professionals across the world have consistently emphasized the critical "Golden Hour" for receiving timely medical intervention. Despite this, a significant number of individuals still arrive at hospitals too late, often in a state beyond revival. The root of this delay can be traced back to the initial chaos at the patient's residence, where people scramble to find hospital and ambulance contact numbers, relay patient information, and activate emergency services. The ambulance's journey through traffic and the challenges of navigating narrow spaces further exacerbate the situation. Ultimately, the precious "Golden Hour" is often exhausted before the patient reaches the hospital.

Against this backdrop, Brookefield Hospital has introduced a groundbreaking initiative known as "BEAST" to maximize the efficient use of the "Golden Hour." This scheme assembles a harmonious team of skilled professionals, cutting-edge machinery, technology, essential medical equipment, and life-saving medications. Its sole purpose is to reach patients with expert medical assistance as swiftly as possible, overcoming all obstacles and substantially increasing the chances of survival.


The Team

Dr. Pradeep Kumar.jpg

Dr T J Pradeep Kumar

Managing Partner, CEO

  • A practicing physician for 10 years. Launched Phase-1 of Brookefield Hospital.

  • An entrepreneur, integral part of ventures like First Consultants & First Health

  • LinkedIn
Col Hariprasad photo_edited.jpg

Col Hari Prasad

Partner, Chairman & CFO

  • 33 years of service experience in the Corps of Engineers, Indian Army

  • Planned & executed large time-bound civil engineering projects of National importance.

Dr SP_edited.jpg

Dr Sangeeta Pradeep

Joint Managing Partner

  • Conducted pilot studies for BEAST.

  • 10 years of experience in dentistry.

Lakshmi Mam photo_edited.jpg

Mrs. Lakshmi Prasad


  • Ensured best procurement of material and manpower.

  • Director at Brookefield Hospital.


About Brookefield Hospital

Brookefield, a unit of Sanjeevini Health Care, is a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital with state-of-the-art equipments, world class infrastructure and highly qualified specialist doctors.

Brookefied Hospital is a premier health care center providing high quality health care services at optimal cost. Located in an affluent, densely populated area of eastern Bangalore (Whitefield, Marathahalli, Sarjapur, Varthur and surrounding areas), Brookefield caters to the clientele from the IT field apart from the local residents.

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