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BEAST brings the Emergency Care to your doorstep!

Registration fee? Just ₹2500 per person per year for unparalleled peace of mind.

Don't miss out on this lifesaving opportunity! 

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  • BEAST FAQ Who are the members of BEAST team?
    BEAST team consists of super trained staff, who are capable of handling any kind of emergencies. They are monitored by specialized doctors in the hospital.
  • Is BEAST available at all parts of Bangalore?
    Presently BEAST is available at Brookefield area. Shortly it will be extend to other parts of Bangalore
  • What is the time taken for BEAST to arrive at my residence after my phone call? Less than 10
    Less than 10 min depending on distance
  • What Is Your Approach?
    Our approach within the BEAST initiative is rooted in the optimization of time and resources to provide rapid, efficient, and expert medical assistance during critical emergencies. We combine a highly skilled team, cutting-edge technology, essential medical equipment, and vital medications to ensure swift response and stabilization within the Golden Hour. Integration of a Smart Rx app, GPS guidance, and synchronized communication further enhances our response capability. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the onset of a medical emergency and professional medical care, thereby substantially increasing the chances of patient survival.
  • I am a regular patient of xyz hospital, will BEAST help me reach that hospital?
    Yes, BEAST is an initiative to save your life within the golden hour during an emergency. Selection of hospital after stabilization is completely your choice
  • Is there any charges for updating my reports?
    There are no charges for updating reports, any report can be updated by member through Brookefield website.
  • Is BEAST available for paediatric emergencies?
    BEAST renders services to any medical emergencies irrespective of age and type of illness.
  • My family does not have smart phone? Will BEAST reach us?
    Yes, one phone call to the number inscribed on the magnetic sticker is sufficient for BEAST to reach your premises
  • I have 2 sons residing few kilometres apart. I stay 6 months each in both houses. Should I register twice?
    No, on registration upload 2 alternate addresses with address proof and in the event of an emergency Call Beast and Quote the present address of residence.
  • How can I register for BEAST services?
    1. Online through website of Brookefield Hospital 2. BEAST registration counter at Brookefield Hospital 3. During Beast camps at different locations
  • What is the registration fee for BEAST?
    2500 per person per year.
  • How long does it take to complete the registration process?
    4-5 working days
  • Is it a one time fee for life time ?
    Registration need to be renewed every year , with a renewal fee of Rs. 1000 every year, per person.
  • What documents should I carry for registration ?
    A valid photo ID, address proof, 1 photo is mandatory for registration
  • How will BEAST registration help me during emergency?
    1. BEAST will reach your place in the quickest possible time 2. Initial assessment and initiation of treatment under Doctors guidance is performed through Audio-visual conference 3. In critical cases all emergencies including airway maintenance, oxygen therapy, IV canulization, nebulization, ventilator support, DC shock and administration of life saving drugs. 4. Safe and stable transfer of a critically ill patient.
  • Do I need to re-register in case of change in adress?
    Not required, upload new address proof and call the hospital for conformation. Only the address will change but your registration number will remain the same.
  • Is the charges refundable if I don’t avail services after registration?
    No, BEAST registration is non-refundable
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